Here is what our clients are saying about our office:

Nursing Home Abuse Clients

“About three years ago I came to you in need of help. I told [the doctor] I would hold him responsible if my Mama died due to his neglect and incompetence. He obviously didn’t care or believe me when I told him this. Thanks to you I held true to my word and feel justice was served. Him having to give those pitiful depositions, change records, and lie to try and cover his disgusting treatment of Mama was my justice. The money is also nice and I will use it wisely as to honor Mama. The financial settlement is a guilty verdict in my opinion.

I will never be able to convey to you my appreciation for everything you did to bring justice and honor to my mother and myself. You are honestly one of a kind and I’m so proud of what you do and how you do it. My Mama always told me to “Give em Hell”. I think you from the bottom of my heart for giving [the doctor] and his insurance carrier just that. I am finally at peace with Mama’s passing now that he was held accountable. For giving me that peace I am forever grateful.”

Business Litigation Clients

“Dan Frith is first and foremost an exceptional person. He is also an excellent attorney. I had the privilege of meeting and working with Dan as the “employee” in a complicated and to be frank – scary, non-compete case. He provided me with insight into each step of the legal process and sound legal advice but more importantly, he was genuinely concerned about my ability to continue to earn my living and provide for my family. Regardless of the conduct of others he maintained his integrity and protected mine. As a result of Dan’s efforts I continue to earn my living in my chosen profession and received compensation for unpaid commissions and unreimbursed expenses.”

Medical Malpractice Clients

“Lauren Ellerman is very knowledgeable and was always quick to respond to any questions that we had. I highly recommend this firm.”

“Lauren Ellerman, I feel so confident in your opinions, help and support. I feel God put you in my path. Everything has been done so well.”

“If I ever need another legal consultation – I’ll come see you. I’ll send everyone I know to you!” 

Here is what other attorneys are saying about our office:

“Lauren approaches the topic in a practical way and she is current on the law in Virginia.”

“Lauren Ellerman is an excellent presenter!”