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The soothsayer warns Julius Ceasar to “beware the ides of march” and lo and behold, he gets stabbed in the back by his bff on the ides of march.

Moral: listen to soothsayers.

Now, what do the “ides of March” (aka March 15th) have to do with non-compete agreements?

Only everything.

For example, plot line of J.C.:

– getting stabbed in the back by a good friend

– getting warned that something bad will happen

– not taking the warning seriously

– consequences to being arrogant etc.

Non-compete litigation usually ignites because:

– owner feels stabbed in the back

– employee has done something not so smart, maybe arrogant, like talk to customers and clients and tell them about their new business

– employee did not listen to Lauren and Dan’s blog about how to avoid litigation

So here is my advice. Beware the Ides of March.

If you don’t want to get sued under Virginia law, you need to be good, be smart, keep your mouth closed and don’t do these bad things:

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