Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – Business Litigation (Non-Compete Agreements)

Questions: what is a non-compete agreement in Virginia, whether we can review your contract in our office, how to avoid litigation, how to fight your ex-employer, how much it will cost, and preparing for trial.

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FAQs – Nursing Home Abuse

Questions: recognizing signs of abuse and neglect, moving a loved one to a new facility, testifying at trial, handling Medicare and Medicaid payments, and what to do when you suspect neglect.

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FAQs – Medical Malpractice

Questions: recognizing a medical mistake, how to obtain medical records, what to expect during a deposition, what to expect during trial, how much it will cost, how we evaluate cases, and our process for investigating a claim of medical negligence.

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Frith  Ellerman & Davis 

Understanding your Virginia Injury Case – So now you are a plaintiff 

Have you ever been in an important meeting, listened for a long time – left, and wondered what was said? So have we, so we have begun a series called Understanding your injury case – so now you are the plaintiff, to help our existing clients understand what litigation looks like. 

Each article will take no longer than 2 minutes to read, has been written by our attorneys (and your lawyers) and hopefully will discuss some of the important questions you have. 

Although we are glad to provide general information, each case is different. Please contact our office to speak with an attorney for more specific advice.