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Non-Compete Law

Do Non-competes destroy lives?

Do non-competes destroy lives? Are they moral? Legal? This seems to be a good week to engage in that conversation. Listen to my rant on whether non-competes are moral – here: INC.Com article: New York Times article:   What do you think?

On the 12th day of Christmas, my boss gave to me – a new non-compete

Despite my best efforts at educating my fellow Virginians, on the law, their rights and legal obligations, rumors still run rampant about the law and how it applies to individual employees.  So, in the spirit of the Season, I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs (yes, some I wrote) and articles on Virginia...[Read More]

Politicians and Litigators: More similar than you may think

This morning I listened to a fascinating podcast about types of politicians: Those who are substance over form, or Those who are form over substance. Yes, while I realize it is always dangerous to categorize, and even more so to claim there are only two types of any kind of person, it isn’t hard to...[Read More]

Don’t order the steak – trust me.

I am big on trust. I am big on “going with your gut.” But I am also very big on open and clear communication.  If you went to a restaurant and told the waiter, “I love steak. Steak is my favorite, what is your best beef dish?” And the server replied, “Order the pork-chop,” you...[Read More]

New Year’s Resolution – Starting a New Business in 2016?

I have a great New Year’s Resolution for you this year. Repeat after me: “In 2016, I will do my best not to get sued by my ex-employer.” Isn’t that a great resolution? Saves time, big money, emotional energy, etc. A winner. But how do you keep this resolution? Does it require a fitness membership?...[Read More]