Health Care Costs: Where Does the Money Go?

So I tried to steal this picture from Met Life’s Website.

If you could read it clearly (and you should by going to their website ) you would see that long term care costs are UP. And while millions of Americans need long term care, the costs are increasing annually.

Their key findings (and yes this is directly from their website and study) are as follows:

– The private pay daily rate rose over 4% in the last year
– assisted living (which is almost all private pay) rose over 5%

Long Term Care is getting more expensive. Do you think the extra money is going into additional nurses or nurse salaries?

Do you think it is going to train new employees better?

I would hope so but the Met Life survery does not reflect the increase in costs are related to staffing. And until staffing becomes the priority of the long term care industry, accidents, and even malpractice will happen.

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Lauren Ellerman

Lauren Ellerman

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