Terrible news.

Another Virginia nursing home resident dies from a fall.

Not just one fall, but over a 2 year period, over 14 falls occurred. And finally, one last fall caused a subdural hematoma and he died.

Our firm did not handle this case, it was on the other side of the State… but what do you think about it?

Should the nursing home be responsible for preventing falls?
For minimizing the risks and injuries for falls?

Likely they indicated the patient was a fall risk, and wrote about all these things in his records about how they would prevent the falls, and then, 14 falls occurred, 1 fatal.

Falls are scary. People die from them. If you would like to discuss your nursing home fall case in Virginia (anywhere from Leesburg to Abingdon) we are happy to review the records for you and discuss whether the case meets the standards for negligence under Virginia law.

Fall from bed.
Fall out of a wheelchair.
Elopement and then fall in the parking lot.
They happen more than you would like to know.

Lauren Ellerman

Lauren Ellerman

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