Radiologist Loses Medical License

Radiologist Loses Medical License

Radiologist Loses Medical License 150 150 Dan Frith

Why does this keep happening?

A Richmond area radiologist,  Michael J. Bigg, MD, has been summarily suspended from medical practice amid allegations of repeatedly missing signs of cancer in his patients’ mammograms.  The Virginia Board of Medicine found Michael J. Bigg’s practice constituted a danger to public health or safety. Dr. Bigg owns the Allison Breast Center in western Henrico County which advertised a more comfortable mammography experience for patients. Bigg has not only lost his right to practice radiology, he faces a $4 million malpractice lawsuit and a federal tax judgment of more than $1 million.

The Board of Medicine found Dr. Bigg was “incompetent to practice medicine and surgery with safety to patients and the public, in that he [and his staff] failed, contrary to sound medical judgment and acceptable standards of medical practice, to appropriately work-up, diagnose, and manage multiple Allison Breast Center patients, failed to maintain complete and accurate records for these patients, and failed to conduct himself and his practice in a safe and responsible manner.” The statement of allegations prepared by the Virginia Board of Medicine identified 18 patients who allegedly received substandard care.

Bigg purchased the Allison Breast Center in 2012.  The bigger question is why did it take the Virginia Board of Medicine 8 years to find out he was a danger to his patients. The report from the Board cited past and current staff members who said the practice saw 50-70 patients a day.  You do the math.   Wonder how many patients Dr. Biggs hurt or  injured during those 8 years?


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