Virginia Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

Virginia Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

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Last year, my partner Dan and I were retained to help represent a North Carolina resident who was traveling through Virginia on the way home from a car show out of state, when his car was struck by a tractor trailer.  Our client’s care immediately began to spin out of control, hitting the concrete embankment on the side of the highway. It is a miracle that he survived the crash, as he sustained too many broken bones to count, internal bleeding, bruising, etc.

Our client’s medical bills for surgeries, rehab, and nursing home care following the accident, were almost $1,000,000.

It really was a nightmare scenario.

Weekend trip leads to life changing incident.

You go away for the weekend, and don’t return home for 8 months because your injury is so terrible you can no longer live alone.

Hard working American begins to enjoy his retirement and BAM, within minutes it all taken away.

Sadly, tractor trailers cause accidents every day on Virginia roads. Drivers cause accidents by falling asleep, using their cell phones, texting etc. And when a truck weighing 20 tons or more causes an accident, people rarely leave the scene unharmed.

We continue to represent victims of tractor trailer and severe automobile accident cases across Western and South Western Virginia. I-81 and I-77 seem to be the worst places for these life changing incidents.

Thankfully, our client in the above case survived, and was able to return to his home and not spend the rest of his life in a nursing home. But it wasn’t easy for him, and certainly not easy for his legal team to obtain the compensation he deserved.

If you have a case you would like to speak with us about, call me today: Lauren Ellerman 540-985-0098.

Please, drive safely everyone.

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