The Empty Chair at Thanksgiving

The Empty Chair at Thanksgiving

The Empty Chair at Thanksgiving 1198 800 Lauren Ellerman

We know that many of our clients will struggle this Holiday Season.

Losing a loved one is always hard – but when the loss is preventable, the grief is compounded by trauma, anger, sadness and heartbreak.

Not every bad outcome in medical care is malpractice. Thankfully, the gross majority of bad outcomes are not related to negligent care.

But the circumstances we see the most often in our office that do equate to Virginia medical malpractice as as follows:

  1. Incorrect diagnosis in pathology / radiology

  2. Failure to review pathology / radiology

  3. Surgical errors / mistakes

  4. Failure to diagnose and treat infection in a timely manner

  5. Failure to diagnose cancer

For those who are balancing great loss this Holiday Season, we grieve with you.

For those who want answers – we are here for you.



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