Recognizing Signs of Virginia Hospital Malpractice

Recognizing Signs of Virginia Hospital Malpractice

Recognizing Signs of Virginia Hospital Malpractice 150 150 Lauren Ellerman

Last month my mother-in-law had an elective surgery at our local hospital.

The surgery went well, but her aftercare was a little dicey. One nurse tried to get her to take another patient’s blood pressure medication. Thankfully, my spunky mother-in-law knew she was not to take the medication and refused. A different nurse told her not to get out of bed alone but when 15 minutes of ringing the call bell evoked no response, we helped her to the bathroom.

Sadly, nursing negligence leads to major injury all the time in our local hospitals.

We have represented patients given the wrong medication, left on bed-pans, patients who fell without assistance, patients who were not properly transferred and dropped, patients whose calls and cries for help go unanswered. Often times the nursing staff is over-worked and doesn’t have time in a 12 hours shift to give a patient the care and attention they deserve.

Hopefully, the mistakes are without consequence. Sadly, they often lead to very tragic and permanent injury.

Our office has over 30 years of experience in assisting individuals who have been injured while in the hospital because of nursing negligence, mistakes, or other accidents. We would be honored to investigate your case. Please call us at (540) 985-0098.

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