So why are the laws written to protect companies not patients in Virginia Nursing Homes

So, I get asked the following questions all the time:

What are the laws to protect seniors in Virginia nursing homes?

  Answer: NONE (ok, slight exaggeration. There are some federal laws and some basic licensing requirements for facilities) 

What is the rule about nurses / patient ratios in Virginia nursing homes?

   Answer: NONE (ok, again, slight exaggeration. There is no staffing requirement – just that there be “sufficient” staff. What does that mean? Ask the nursing home – they decide what is sufficient day to day) 

Is that normal?

    Answer: NO. Other states have more specific rules than Virginia, but Virginia is “pro-business” which means anti-regulation, and by extension, pro-profit over patients. 

What did you mean by that?

     Answer: When you put profits first, patients get hurt. Sometimes companies do this because the law allows it. Sometimes the laws can change the way care is provided. Our law makers don’t see patient care as a priority, so the laws continue to protect companies over patients. 

Well that makes me mad.

     Answer: Good. It should. Call your general Assembly rep and complain. Don’t vote for people who value profits over people. Don’t vote for politicians that think the all might dollar is the most important value. 

I even made a chart. 

Virginia = pro business = pro profit = pro corporation = ANTI regulation = Not pro patients

It’s sad, but that is what (arguably) the extension of our voting choices means. If we think profits solve it all, people will get hurt. 

So I still advise you to call your elected official and complain. 

virginia is for business





Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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