Dept. of Treasury Office of Economic Policy – Position paper on Non-Compete Agreements. My two cents.

So there is a new Report out on the economic costs of non-compete agreements.

It upsets me a little. Okay, so it upsets me more than a little.

It would be like a report, funded by tax payer dollars, that has the following conclusion: People who make and sell video games think they enhance brain development for toddlers while others disagree.

That would be a pretty useless, unsophisticated and non-impactful report, don’t you think?

Well, here is the non-compete equivalent. A long podcast, almost 10 minutes, and my written thoughts below. The good old fashioned kind. My random rants on the obvious, like states that have trade secret laws don’t need non-compete agreements to address trade secret limitations. Or, how people make less because they feel bound by their non-competes. 

Listen. Enjoy. Email me your thoughts:

And my partner Dan asked a good question – who commissioned this report? What’s the angle?



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Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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