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Today I read about an Oklahoma Nursing Home who received a new resident from the state penal system when he was found incompetent to stand trial. Not a joke, a younger man charged with 4 homicides is now living on the Alzheimer’s unit of a nursing home facility with someone’s grandmother. Are you shocked?
I wish I was surprised at the news, but sadly, we have seen this before. We have seen it in Virginia, younger adults put into Nursing Homes as an alternative to prison, or another care facility.

A young man, with brain damage from a failed suicide attempt was living in a Nursing Home in Virginia. He may have sustained brain damage, but his physical capabilities were the same – and he assaulted numerous residents. What will this gentleman in Oklahoma be capable of? Who knows – it is however, a scary proposition and I would ask around any facility before you move in or allow a loved one to move in – Is there anyone in the facility not here for elder care – if so, why… and when they assure you safety is not an issue, keep looking!

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