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Families are amazed to learn the following:

1. They have a choice as to whether to send their loved one to a for profit or not for profit nursing home.

2. Once in the nursing home – they have a choice of doctors and can continue to use their Primary Care Physician for care if he or she agrees to come to the facility.

3. Once in a nursing home – they have a choice in pharmacists – it is only when you agree in writing to use their pharmacy that you waive that choice.

4. That families have a choice whether or not you as the responsible party will agree to pay for the care should the resident be unable.

5. You have a choice not to agree to arbitration and or revoke arbitration under Virginia law, immediately after the health care relationship ends.

6. You have a choice to move your loved one from the facility.

7. You have a choice to call 911 when you deem emergency care is necessary (don’t let the nurses talk you out of it).

Choice is good. Know what choices you can make in care.

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