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Cancer is a terrible word, and an awful disease.

Sometimes, Virginians are told by their doctors that they have caught the cancer early and that certain treatments should be considered to slow growth and hopefully, kill the cancer cells.

But sadly, even with today’s technology, mistakes are made and cancer is not always caught in time.

We receive calls from Virginians who have been told a physician failed to catch the cancer in time. How is this possible they wonder? Did they not read the PT Scan or the pathology reports?

This week, a Virginia firm got a jury verdict for over $1,000,000 when a 54 year old cancer patient died. The family alleged the Ear Nose and Throat physicians should have suspected cancer and done a very simple in office test to detect whether cancer cells existed. Unfortuanetly, no test was done and by the time the cancer was found, it was already Stage IV and could not be treated a year later.

Delay in treatment can mean the difference in life and death for cancer patients. A month or two may not make the difference, but imagine what 6 months to a year could do for treatment.

Cancer is in and of itself, devastating. If a physician fails to order or appreciate tests reflecting cancer, and your loved one loses precious time for treatment, you may have a malpractice case.

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