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I had the following conversation this morning:

Q: “Can they really kick my Mom out of the nursing home when her Medicare runs out?”

A: Under Virginia law, they can kick you out for non-payment yes.

Q: “But doesn’t the facility have to care for her?”

A: They are a for profit facility and no, they don’t have to keep her there – especially if their staff doctor says she can be discharged.

Q: “But she is on oxygen, can’t walk and has dementia.”

Bottom Line – For-profit facilities like patients who are private pay and/or Medicare. If your family member can’t pay, but doesn’t have Medicaid or Medicare coverage yet – they can ask you to leave. Non-payment is a legal reason to remove someone from a facility.

The almighty dollar does dictate health care in Virginia, more than most people would think.

Always look to Non-Profit healthcare FIRST. Want to know what Virginia facilities are non-profit – look here –

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