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In today’s Wallstreet Journal, there is a full page ad for LIPITOR. Wow, I thought to myself – that is some pretty pricey ad placement. Do physicians read the Wallstreet Journal?
And while many physicians may read the Journal, it was clear the ad was not to attract physician support, but rather consumer interest.

Lets say 65 year old retired man, who golfs but participates in no other cardio activity, 20-30 lbs over weight, finds out his cholesterol is high. Goes to his PCP, doctor says eat your oatmeal and I am going to put you on medication to help reduce your cholesterol. Doctor prescribes Baycol. The man thinks, Baycol – never heard of that Doc, sort of scares me. Then the doctor says, “well – we can try Lipitor or Zocor” – man agrees, “Yes Dr. That sounds like a good idea. I have heard of those.”
Is it better just because you know the name? Do you know it because of TV, the Journal, or because it has worked for a close friend? Doesn’t matter – companies are now trying to get name recognition such that patients, and not doctors are selecting the medication… and frankly, I think this stinks.

So please, just because you saw the ad, or have heard the name – doesn’t mean the medication is right for you.

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