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I voted today, did you? Today’s elections have caused a stir across the nation – and have you ever wondered why most people vote the way they do?

This week – the Kaiser Family Foundation published a very interesting and timely article on TODAY’S ELECTION, and HEALTH CARE ISSUES. Link to the article –

“This October 2006 survey examines voters’ views and worries on health care and other issues in advance of the midterm Congressional elections. Overall, nearly half (46%) of voters say they are “very worried” about having to pay more for their health care or insurance, putting health care costs at the top of voters’ personal worries. However, when asked to name the most important election issue, 30% of polled voters identified Iraq as the their top concern. The next three most frequently cited issues are clustered back in the pack: health care (15%), the economy (15%) and terrorism (13%).”

In Virginia, I didn’t see an issue regarding Health Care – or really, a candidate that made it a priority. BUT it is a priority of mine. We see clients without insurance, dependent on medicaid or medicare. We need to be concerned – and honestly, we need to be prepared to address our own health care needs. A few weeks ago I attended a long term care planning meeting. The estimate is that by the time I need nursing home care, the cost will be $100,000 a year. Do you think our politicians are planning on Medicare / Medicaid budgets to pay for that? What if they aren’t – will nurses only work for private pay home because they are paid so little at facilities accepting Medicaid? I wonder – will I have that kind of money? Something I need to start thinking about – and something I need to consider in my VOTING – no matter who is on the ballot.

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