How to avoid medicine Mix-ups

How to avoid medicine Mix-ups

How to avoid medicine Mix-ups 150 150 Lauren Ellerman

I am on malaria pills for a trip I took recently. What if I get sick and need an antibiotic, do the two meds mix? What about those elderly adults on 7 or more meds. My Mom has MS and cancer – she is on 6 mds, and 8 vitamins at any given time. Which of her 14 doctors should be in charge of medication management?

The answer – all of them, and the pharmacist. Ways to avoid mix ups:

1. use the same pharmacy, that way, all meds are recorded in one place
2. keep an updated list with you and provide to every doctor
3. ask when prescribed something new – “why” and “how will it interact with your other meds?”
4. Are there foods that should be avoided?
5. Also keep a list of vitamins and supplements – they can interact with meds as well

Please be diligent friends and future clients…. we would hate for you to have a medication mix-up.

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