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We see it everyday – nursing home resident’s poor nutrition causes significant decline, or wound cannot heal because resident does not have calories needed. It appears that some facilities are trying to be creative in their approach to resident nutrition.

We receive a publication entitled “Nursing Homes, Long Term Care Management” written for nursing home industry. In their September publication, they feature the results of a study conducted by the Parker Jewish Institute, where many residents were given buffet meal time options, rather than typical plated service.

Now my first thought was – Americans love Buffets – great idea! But for additional reasons, it does seem to be a good idea. The study (although small in scope) showed “that by improving the dining experience by allowing choice, independence and increased ambiance, both psychological and medical outcomes could improve.” WOW – that’s a great, creative and simple way to provide increased quality of life, and care.

I wish we would see other facilities follow!

PS – for more info, see Parker Institute’s website

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