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I am not pro-insurance companies, trust me – but having health insurance in the United States is becoming increasingly important.

My Mom was on a drug for MS for many years. Without insurance, it was over $300 a week! Not only did her insurance pay for it, but the insurance company and drug maker had earlier agreed to a lower price for the shot. The average person paying cash would pay $300 a dose, my Mom’s insurance company was only charged $150. Clearly a huge savings of $7,000 a year!

The same happens in hospitals. Without insurance, the Tylenol you are given may cost $2.00 but if you had insurance, you would only be charged what the insurance company previously agreed to pay, $.50.

Why else is insurance so helpful at any age? If you are in a car accident, have no insurance, your ED bill could be $20,000. If you can’t pay it, you are almost forced into a lawsuit which costs time and money. If you had health insurance and didn’t miss any work, you could essentially walk away from the accident without a loss of thousands in dollars.

What about young people – is insurance needed?
Birth Control without insurance is about $50-$70 a month. With, it is around $10-$15.
Just try to get an appointment for a dermatologist without insurance. If the dermatologist removes a mole, you will be charged the rate of a small surgery – do you have a few hundred dollars extra for a mole biopsy or two a year?

I know it is expensive, but beyond food and shelter, it should be a necessity to most Americans.

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