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There is a federal law that basically prohibits attorneys from telling families how to prepare for Medicaid. Medicaid in most states, is a state-sponsored program that provides health coverage for those without assets…

The catch 22 is that nursing homes are so expensive, that almsot everyone who enters private pay, will spend all their hard earned money, have to sell their homes, and the eventually be on Medicaid. So why can’t you call someone, and PLAN for medicaid… you know, sell the house, give away some money, etc.

I was not joking when I said there is a federal law which makes it criminal for lawyers to tell families how to do this, but then the Attorney General’s office has promised not to prosecute those lawyers – so thankfully, some people are providing Medicaid planning advice… and you should seek professional help if your loved one may need to enter a nursing home. There are alot of details in the law about children, married persons etc. Please, don’t wait until it is too late – call someone!

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