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We have two open cases right now against pharmacies.
Arizona Daily Sun Assistant City Editor LARRY HENDRICKS reports this week (read it in full here) – that an Arizona jury awarded $6 million last week to the family of a Coconino High School wrestling coach who died of a toxic drug interaction in December 2002.

Decedent’s estate filed suit against both the prescribing doctor, and the pharmacy claiming “Walgreen’s staff would have been given a computer warning on the drugs’ toxic interaction and would have been duty-bound to warn Warren and/or his physician of the danger.”

In conclusion, “the jury concluded that Warren was 1 percent responsible for his death, that Parfitt was 2 percent responsible, and Walgreen’s was 97 percent responsible, according to court documents.”

Please know folks – that while pharmacists have a duty to warn of known interactions, and to counsel you on the medications, in today’s fast pace world – there is rarely ANY counseling. Take the time to ask the pharmacists – “what is this drug? What is it for? Have I taken it before?” If you have an allergy, ask “Is this drug like _____, I am allergic?” Yes, they should check this for you, but in case they don’t, like in Arizona, better to be safe than sorry.

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