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True or False – you have a Right to Healthcare in the United States?

Answer, False. It is not a right. You can get turned down, and refused care. Today’s Wall Street Journal writes about a Texas woman who had Leukemia. She went to top Cancer Hospital MD Anderson, where she was told her insurance could not cover treatment, and she would need to pay $105,000 in cash before treatment could begin. What? No, I am not kidding. Hospitals are businesses, and with so many unable to pay for care, or with little to no insurance, many believe they must do what is necessary to stay in business. (Many believe this, not including me).

The story continues to share the ordeal this Texas woman went through – showing up for treatment and being unable to get treatment until she went by the business office to pay up.

Is this really what healthcare is coming to in America? Upfront payments, like a house, or car? What about non-profit hospitals, they certainly won’t charge you up front, would they? Only time will tell – in the meanwhile, I am very sorry this is what happens to Americans who need treatment. And the kicker, she HAD insurance – just not enough!

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