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I know, not a topic you want to research, hear about or blog about… but it happens, and more than you think. Sadly, with elderly patients there is a very low level of reporting and subsequently, few criminal charges filed. Why is that, you may ask? If the individual has Alzheimers or Dementia, they may not have the cognotive ability to understand the attack and therefore make report. But even absent confessions and reports, there are ways to determine if someone has been a victim of assault:
1. Change in appetite
2. Sudden onset of depression
3. Sudden aggressive behavior
4. Physical symptoms such as bruises, scars, etc.

What can you do if assault is possible? Take them to the Emergency Room and request a “rape kit” and or examination (including lab work) to search for signs of assault. If it is happening, studies show it is likely by another resident or employee – and repeat attacks are possible.

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