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I ran across this December 2007 NC Blog Post, and was disappointed, but not surprised:

“Ron Burrell, the North Carolina care operator who has been ordered to pay some $5 million to two families whose loved ones died because of negligence at two of his facilities, still owns and operates the Alzheimer’s Related Care facility in Jacksonville, North Carolina. “

“The Alzheimer’s Related Care facility specializes in taking care of patients with dementia. The state of North Carolina, however, temporarily suspended admissions to the facility because of violations. The suspension followed a complaint by one of the residents that she had been raped and did not receive a medical exam until 68 days after the attack. Police were not notified that a sexual assault had occurred.

Burrell used to run some two dozen disabled and elder care facilities. A number of these homes been cited for numerous violations while under his supervision:

  • In 2003, a Meadows of Aberdeene resident died after going out drinking with another care facility patient. The patient stabbed him to death.
  • A Rowan County home patient died in 2001 after not receiving the proper medication dosage.
  • On November 7, a wrongful death verdict was issued that ordered Burrell to pay the family of 53-year-old Troy Stephens $836,075. Stevens, who was mentally challenged, wandered away from the Meadows of Garner home where he lived and drowned in a pond. Stevens’ family had warned the assisted-living staff that he had a tendency to wander.

PLEASE don’t let your friend or loved one live in this facility!

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