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bowel perforation.




open repair.

follow up surgery.




We see these words a great deal in surgical cases.

Typically, someone goes in for a non-emergency surgery such as a colonoscopy, hernia repair, removal of a cyst, gallbladder, appendix, etc.. and during the surgery or procedure, the colon or bowel is nicked, cut, sliced, or perforated. The perforation may or may not be noticed during the surgery/ procedure and it if is not noticed intraopertively, the surgeon will sew the patient back up and place them in recovery.

Having bowel contents leaking out into your abdominal cavity, near your organs, tissue, etc., causes pretty significant problems however.

First and foremost, infection, pain, vomiting, fever. Then, if not properly diagnosed and repaired, the leak, the perf., can wreak havoc. Death, sepsis, organ failure, other really bad things.

Some times, it is NOT negligence when a perf. occurs. Sometimes surgeons realize it has occurred and repair immediately.

Sometimes however, perforations are actionable.

If you have a surgical mistake case in Virginia and would like our office to review and investigate whether it is malpractice, call us today.

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