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A federal Law suit was filed against a Virginia Nursing Home, New Market Nursing Care,
alleging the nursing home was negligent in their care of Kenneth E Huffman.

Plaintiff alleges that “the Defendant’s agents and employees deviated from the standard of care by failing to prevent avoidable skin breakdown, by failing to prevent the development of avoidable pressure sores.”

The sores weren’t treated properly, and a catheter wasn’t placed or cared for properly either, according to the suit. Nor were changes in Huffman’s conditions reported to a physician, or his records properly maintained, it says.
As a result, according to the lawsuit, Huffman suffered a sacral wound, an abscess, a urinary tract infection and renal damage.
According to a statement from Deanne Craft, executive director of the Life Care Center, the facility hadn’t yet been served with the lawsuit.
“The staff of Life Care Center of New Market gives our residents professional care in a spirit of love and compassion, and we remain alert to that goal and pursue it each day,” the statement says. “We strive to make this nursing center one that is known for its quality health care services, and we regret that an individual has chosen to call the commitment of both this center and our professional caregivers into question.”

WOW – I like that the Director made a comment to the press…. but does she really believe the plaintiff is calling the commitment of the caregivers into question? Or could the plaintiff simply be stating, commitment or not, my loved one wasn’t cared for?

I know – a lawyer getting upset at a war on words, or semantics – but sometimes, I do appreciate straight talking, and her comment is surely missing the point!

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