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I just read about a federal jury verdict in New Hampshire – $8.5 million dollars to a woman and her small children.

Why did a jury give them $8,500,000?
Because their father / husband was killed when he was run over by a tractor trailer.

I wish this was an isolated incident but it is not. We have been involved in trucking cases in Virginia and the facts are often the same:

Tractor trailer driver is not paying attention.
Accident happens.
Driver in the second vehicle suffers extensive injury and is taken by helicopter to the nearest level 1 Trauma hospital.
Lives are permanently changed and not for the better.

It is a heartbreaking story. And did the trucking company offer an apology? To pay for the father’s lost wages? To admit liability and let the family move on?

It doesn’t appear that way. It appears the family had to go to Federal Court to prove the driver’s fault.. and then, tell a jury about their loss.

Please let us know if we can help you with a Trucking Case in Western Virginia. We can’t undue what has been done… but we can do our best to make the trucking companies take responsibility.

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