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Yes Nancy, I know that is your phrase… but I think it can be applied to pharmaceuticals as well.

Merck loses a patent for Fosomax today – which means now the generic can be made. Is that good for the average 45 year old woman concerned about bone density? Not sure.

Full page ad in the Wall Street Journal yesterday featured a plug for natural hormones, previously denied by the FDA. Is the FDA the gold seal standard for medications? It seems even approved meds are recalled often.

Millions of Americans I prescribed medications that may not need – on a recent trip to the doctor, I was given an antibiotic prescription but told “you don’t need it – so don’t take it.” Well why did I get it then? I imagine the doctor was used to people asking for medication. That is what pharmaceutical marketing has done – created a class of patients who tell the doctor what they need.

SCARY stuff folks… and the consequences are real – overdose / medication mixing – we see it often. Please be careful.

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