How We Treat Our Elderly

How We Treat Our Elderly

How We Treat Our Elderly 150 150 Lauren Ellerman

It is no surprise that too often, we as a society cast aside our weak, our frail, our older members. We place them in homes where they wait to die, sometimes without family or friends to remind them they are loved, are special, that their lives matter.

Too often we see physical ailments, disabilities, limits and assume so too is the individuals capacity for pain or loneliness also limited.

But let us not forget that each of us is a unique spirit, perfectly made individual who has needs, and wants, no matter the shape of our bodies or conditions of our minds.

If you have no idea what I am talking, no preaching about, I ask that you watch this very short video. Where music and memory give life and in doing so, hope.

So for those of us who someday may need long term care, lets hope and pray the care providers will remember our uniqueness, our specialness, our humanity and take the time to consider what life giving aid is required.

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