Don’t Be Unprepared in Caring for Elderly Parents

Don’t Be Unprepared in Caring for Elderly Parents

Don’t Be Unprepared in Caring for Elderly Parents 150 150 Dan Frith

Caring of our elderly parents can be a tough job.  It gets even more difficult when we can no longer care for them ourselves and consideration must be given to placement in an assisted living facility or nursing home.  As the USA Today described in an article today, caring for elderly parents catches many unprepared.

The article focuses on the many issues involved with the process including long-term care insurance, the availability of funds from retirement plans, and the anticipated costs of long-term care.

Though the article is very informative, it provides little in the way of advising families how they can assure themselves that their loved one will get the  medical care and attention they need once they move into a facility. The article doesn’t give any advice or direction as to the “questions to ask” before placing a family member in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

We’ve written a book for Virginia families on asking the right questions in choosing a nursing home.

Lauren, Rob, and I have handled hundreds of nursing home and assisted living cases in Virginia and share our experiences in book we have published titled, “A Consumer’s Guide to Long-Term Care Choices in Virginia.”  If you live in Virginia and want a free copy of the book, just send our office manager, Mary Ann, an email at  Reading our book will make you a more informed consumer and might just prevent a tragedy.


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