Virginia elder abuse attorneys

Virginia elder abuse attorneys

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The baby boomers are learning the hard way, what happens when a loved one is neglected by a Virginia nursing home, home health agency or long term care facility. 

They are realizing how hard it is to advocate for quality care when they have jobs to maintain, families to care for, and homes to run. 

They are watching loved ones suffer because facilities and understaffed, staff is not sufficiently trained, and few are expected to care for many. 

It is both a personal and professional goal of our office to advocate for better long term care in Virginia. The stories we hear are not new:

  • Over medication
  • Failure to call physician when significant change in condition occurs
  • Failure to prevent pressure ulcers
  • Dehydration
  • Failure to provide transfer assistance, leads to fall and injury

The stories are not new. The injuries are not unique, and yet the industry is not changing how care is provided. 

Want to prevent elder abuse and neglect? So do we, but it is hard to do when you must rely on a third party for care and yet cannot be present 24 hours a day. 

Need more information in being an advocate and juggling it all? Need help choosing a health care provider or dealing with payment issues?

Call Mary Ann in our office and request your free copy of our book, Consumers Guide to Long Term Care in Virginia. This resource was written to help those facing these difficult decisions when a loved one requires acute medical care.


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