Virginia Nursing Home Fall Case Settled for $200,000

Virginia Nursing Home Fall Case Settled for $200,000

Virginia Nursing Home Fall Case Settled for $200,000 150 150 Lauren Ellerman

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Last year, I represented the most wonderful family whose mother suffered an accident at a nursing home.

She fell and broke her femur during a terrible fall. She was fortunate to partially recover with the help of her loving family, but her life will never be the same. When a nursing home and its staff allows a resident to break the strongest bone in their body, then surgery, therapy and pain are guaranteed.

Here’s what happened and how the case was resolved successfully.

“Nursing Home Negligent in Allowing Patient to Fall and Fracture Femur”

Settlement: $200,000

A southwest Virginia resident was sent to a local skilled care nursing facility following knee replacement in August of 2010 to receive physical therapy. Upon admission and assessment, nursing staff determined she required two person assist on all transfers, and two person assist in the bathroom.

Notwithstanding the order, one nurse took the plaintiff into the bathroom to get a bath.

She left the plaintiff standing alone, without help near the bathtub while she crossed the room to get supplies. The plaintiff, non-weight bearing, was unable to stand and fell to the tile floor. Upon impact, she broke her left femur and was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgical repair.

After the femur repair surgery, she required an additional three months of rehabilitation at a second facility.  Suit was filed and the nursing home attempted to negotiate settlement immediately upon being served with the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was settled before discovery was initiated for $200,000 and the suit was dismissed. Plaintiff has thankfully healed from the injury.

 Plaintiff’s Counsel: Dan Frith & Lauren Ellerman, Roanoke Virginia

Defendants: Confidential

Location: Roanoke, Virginia

Date of Settlement: November 2011

If however, you have a loved one who was the victim of a nursing home abuse or neglect incident in Virginia, call us today.

We would be honored to help.

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