Virginia’s most profitable nursing homes – also some of the worst?

Virginia’s most profitable nursing homes – also some of the worst?

Virginia’s most profitable nursing homes – also some of the worst? 150 150 Lauren Ellerman

A little reminder: For profit healthcare is a thing in the United States. Tylenol makes money for Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer made billions on Zoloft before generic forms became available in 2006.  Your neurosurgeon may get a bonus this year, if he or she performs high dollar surgeries on patients or exceeds their RVUs. 

Healthcare and profit are linked in very direct and apparent ways in the United States. 

And we as a society, have been ok with this for decades. We believe, naively I would argue, that a company can put people (patients) over profit, and good care, safe products and safe facilities will result in for-profit healthcare systems.

In fact, Virginia Business magazine just published a list of the most profitable nursing homes. The list included 2015 facilities, and was ranked according to profit per patient. Net revenue.

So I was curious – were the top producers in patient revenue, also providing the best care? Did they also hire the most nurses to provide this care, or is it possible that profits were the goal, over people and patient care?

I won’t make any logical leaps here, or provide my opinion as to whether higher profits mean bad patient care, but I will share a few other statistics.


Most of these high profit facilities, are low quality care according to Medicare inspections and measurements.

Most of these high profit facilities, are below average in the care they give. Not all. See below, a few manage to make money and provide quality care according to state and federal investigators. 

Hmm… so while we applaud their ability to make a buck, shouldn’t we be upset that they did so at the expense of the patients and their families who trusted them with 24 hours a day care?

I’ll let you decide. 


Rank in Net Revenue 2015

Facility Name / location

Medicare Quality rating for 2016


Friendship Health & Rehab (Roanoke)*

** 2 of 5 stars in quality


Woodbine Health & Rehab (Alexandria)

*** 3 of 5 stars in quality


Roman Eagle (Danville)*

***** 5 of 5 stars in quality


Richfield Recovery (Salem)*

*** 3 of 5 quality


Westport Rehab (Richmond)

***** 5 of 5 quality


Lake Taylor (Norfolk)

*** 3 of 5 quality


Virginia Veterans Care Center (Salem)

** 2 of 5 quality


Fairfax Nursing Center (Fairfax)

***** 5 of 5 quality


Sitter and Barfoot Veterans (Richmond)

**** 4 of 5 quality


Cherry Dale (Arlington)

*1 of 5 stars on overall rating


Potomac Falls (Sterling)

** 2 of 5 stars overall rating


Blue Ridge (Martinsville)

1 star of 5 quality and over all rating


*claims to be non profit – so why so much profit? Why not hire more nurses?



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