I am from a few counties away from here in Florida, so it is with great pride I relay this news story to you:

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) — One of America’s Most Wanted is behind bars and the US Marshals are crediting FOX 35 viewers.
He had been on the run for 8 years and on Tuesday afternoon U S Marshals arrested 68-year-old David Green at a Titusville nursing home.

Marshals say Green had a stroke several months ago and was sent to a Titusville nursing home where he was recovering.

Little did the people there know they were living with one of the country’s top 15 most wanted fugitives.

David Green likes to be referred to as “Daddy Dave”. He was convicted of cocaine distribution and was serving a four year sentence at an Ohio federal prison when cops say he broke out and headed south.

The US Marshals call him one bad dude. They say he was the kingpin of a largest cocaine operation in the state of Ohio. “Everybody is afraid of this man. he ruled with an iron fist he’s known as the general of his army, his cocaine ring,” said Jimmy Disbrow from the US Marshals Service.

They say he used family vacations as covers for transporting drugs and cops say he’s not a family guy, known for waking up his sleeping children with stun guns.

The marshals say it was difficult to track him over the years because he used plastic surgery to change his looks and would wear disguises like hair pieces.

But eventually his luck ran out. Green had a stroke and ended up at the Titusville rehabilitation and nursing center.

Green is also wanted on a warrant from Georgia and he’s charged with possessing a machine gun and more drug charges.

Now – I wonder. If your Dad is this guy’s roommate – does that cause you any alarm?

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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