We see this all the time…

Jury says facility is negligent, and the Department of Health says the facility did nothing wrong. No really, the self-policing arm of Virginia’s long term care system is often asked to review records, perform inspections, and report to the public as to care provided in facilities. Sometimes they get it right, but not always.

As the Des Moines Register reports, U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley is calling for a federal investigation into the way Iowa and other states respond to complaints of poor nursing home care.

Grassley is now asking the Government Accountability Office, which is the investigative arm of Congress, to examine the nation’s state-run nursing home inspection agencies and the manner in which they respond to complaints.He is also asking the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services to give him four years’ worth of investigative reports dealing with state inspections in Midwestern states such as Iowa and Nebraska.

Way to go Senator, we wish you the best of luck with your investigation.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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