Professional Licensing – Boards of Medicine / Nursing in Virginia

Attorney for Virginia Board of Health Professions

If you are facing a licensing action before a Virginia state board, you need a Virginia attorney who has experience representing clients during investigations before the Virginia Board of Medicine and Virginia Board of Nursing, among others. We have appeared before the following agencies:

  • University Ethics Committees
  • Hospital Privilege Committees
  • Virginia Board of Nursing
  • Virginia Board of Medicine
  • Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine
  • Virginia Department of Health Professions

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Licensing

We are able to represent you at every stage of the investigation by the Virginia Department of Health Professions. As an attorney before the Virginia Board of Nursing, for example, we can fight to help you keep your license against charges of fraud or other claims. We can also help you obtain the necessary remedial education to reinstate your license following the proceedings.

An administrative investigation begins with a complaint to the Virginia Department of Health Professions. An investigator is assigned to review records and interview witnesses. After a report is issued and accepted, a board hearing is conducted to make a final determination.

What our Board clients say:

I will 1000% recommend you if I ever hear of anyone who needs help with the BON/BOM.

Again, I truly appreciate you more than you can imagine.

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