Financial Advisor Fraud

Financial Advisor Fraud 1200 800 Bo Frith

We’ve written before about the explosive growth of whistleblower lawsuits for financial fraud, especially with COVID funds. Just this week, the SEC levied fines of $18 million against JP Morgan.[1] The megabank JP Morgan Chase will pay a $18 million fine as part of a settlement with the U.S. Securities…

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Whistleblowers for PPP Fraud

Whistleblowers for PPP Fraud 150 150 Bo Frith

In response to widespread economic uncertainty due to COVID-19, the federal government enacted the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Because that program is especially vulnerable to fraud, whistleblowers are key players in addressing illegal conduct. Just last week, a Roanoke city jury convicted Roanoke City Councilman Robert Jeffrey of fraudulently obtaining…

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What is Fraud under Virginia Law? Bo Frith explains

What is Fraud under Virginia Law? Bo Frith explains 150 150 Lauren Ellerman
Bo Frith, Esq. explains what healthcare fraud, financial fraud or insurance fraud looks like and how we can help under Virginia law. read more
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