Virginia Code on Non-Competes? Not This Year

Virginia Code on Non-Competes? Not This Year

Virginia Code on Non-Competes? Not This Year 150 150 Lauren Ellerman

Yesterday, I traveled to Richmond – the “Capital City” – to testify (or rather, speak) in favor of HB 1187, which would make non-compete agreements invalid in Virginia.

A subcommittee of the Commerce and Labor Committee heard argument in favor of the bill (from me), and then two trade groups argued against it – the Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the Virginia Association of Broadcasters. The representative for the Virginia Association of Broadcasters stated that they could not spend money on promoting new personalities if there wasn’t some assurance that personality wouldn’t run across the street to the compeitior.

REALLY? And this is a statement of fact?

Predictably, the committee voted to table the bill.

This is political speak for – THEY AREN’T GOING TO DO ANYTHING. Not examine it, vote for it or even vote against it. It will lay dormant in committee without seeing the light of day or full  vote from the legislature.

So I would like to suggest the following to the good citizens of Virginia who have a non-compete or are truly hampered by one or may be in the future.

1.    Call your delegate, send a letter and demand to know why the committee has tabled this bill.

2.    If you are a member of a local chamber of commerce, call them and tell them you support it and are disappointed the Chamber’s lobby is so opposed.

3.    Be Active. Dont just wait until you have to hire a lawyer (like me) to advise you how to transition from one job to the next while avoiding litigation. DO SOMETHING. BE involved in the creation of law that will or does directly effect your ability to earn a living and feed your family.

And please, learn what your rights really are in Virginia.

In February we will be giving our book away for FREE so call Mary Ann today for your free copy. 1-866-985-0098. or email her your mailing address today: RIGHT now the law in Virginia is decided on a case by case basis. If the GA had the gutys to draft a Non-Compete bill like 1187, employees could essentialy avoid litigation, feed their families and employers could still protect secret information as well as clients with a non-solicitation agreement.

Don’t forget to get your FREE book this month in honor of our Senators and Delegates in Richmond.

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