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I wrote a blog last week on fiduciary duty of employees which you should read.

The basic conclusion of the post was simply this: employees should be careful because some seemingly harmless activities, could get them in court before a judge, being accused of breaching fiduciary duty of loyalty.

I have decided that the post, while helpful, was not clear enough.

In attempt to clarify, I have created a list of stuff, things, actions that employees do that could get them in trouble and be used as evidence in a breach of fiduciary duty case:

  • starting a side business
  • sending business from your employer, somewhere else
  • contacting clients, customers, etc. and saying negative things about the company
  • taking information, documents, etc. from the company
  • using their work computer for personal searches – like the guy who did the following search this week from his company computer: “are my actions in breach of a fiduciary duty?”
  • advertising or promoting a competing business
  • trying to take employees with you somewhere else while still employed

Be careful out there. You could get sued and I would hate for the boss man to have a bunch of dirt that points to you as the bad guy, and the company as the good guy.

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