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Ok, so I will admit I am not a daily TV watcher. That being said, I have heard from many people that the Season Finale of Mad Men was great, and somewhat relevant to my work.

So, here it is – tonight will be the screening of the Finale and tomorrow the commentary.

Do I really believe that non-competes were an issue in 1950’s America?

YES, I do. They certainly were an issue in Virginia in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. The two cornerstone Virginia case on non-compete law were decided in 1956, HOWARD A. MEISSEL v. JAMES D. FINLEY, II, ET AL, and 1962, RAY O. RICHARDSON v. PAXTON COMPANY.

Do I think non-competes would have been introduced in advertising agencies where client relationships tend to create business?


That being said, lets watch and discuss tomorrow.

And, in the meanwhile if you have a non-compete that needs to be reviewed and or you are facing non-compete litigation, I will be at the office and available to help. Just don’t call tonight, I will be at home watching TV and claiming it is work.

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