Non Compete Attorneys in Virginia

Non Compete Attorneys in Virginia

Non Compete Attorneys in Virginia 150 150 Lauren Ellerman

Probably only 1 of every 10 contracts we review, turns into litigation. The others we review for clients, either before they sign, or before they leave their current employment.

Sometimes we get folks too late and their old employer has hired counsel and is seeking damages or an injunction.

We review non -compete contracts across the Commonwealth. Although we do not litigate matters in the Norfolk / Va Beach area – we will accept litigation most everywhere else in the state.

YES – that means, Leesburg, Loudoun County area, Fairfax, Richmond, Charlotesville, Winchester, Abingdon, Blacksburg and everywhere in between.

We would be honored to review your contract – and or assist should litigation occur. The difficulty in being an employee with a non-compete, is that you have little control as to what happens. Could be the most unreasonable contract in the world, and the employer could still sue. Or, you could have not breached it at all, and suit is filed. The wait and see approach is one we typically take, until you are forced to defend in litigation.

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