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Employment laws in Virginia are funny… There aren’t many.

“Right to work” really means nothing as far as job protection, it only means you can’t be fired for refusing to pay union dues.

“At Will” employee essentially means you can be fired or quit, for any reason unless you have a contract that says otherwise.

And most employment contracts, state employees are “at will” and do not have a defined time line for employment.

Further, we don’t have a statute regarding non-competes, courts decide them on a case by case basis.

So, want to know where you stand?

1. Where you wrongfully terminated? Call an employment discrimination attorney, although, unless you were fired because of race, gender, age or religion in Virginia, changes are you do not have a claim of wrongful discrimination.

2. Are you bound by your employment agreement? Call our office and we can assist you in determining what your contractual obligations may be, and discuss your rights for future employment.

In an “At Will” state, your employment may change quickly – always a good idea to be prepared.

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