What Would the World Look Like Without Non-Compete Agreements?

What Would the World Look Like Without Non-Compete Agreements?

What Would the World Look Like Without Non-Compete Agreements? 150 150 Lauren Ellerman

I get it. You shouldn’t be able to take some one’s secret information and use it for the benefit for yourself. That is why we have the Uniform Trade Secret Act and states have adopted their own Trade Secret Acts.

I also get that stealing is wrong. Its a Commandment afterall, so it makes since that if you take information from a company that is not yours, they could file suit alleging conversion – making you pay, and return said item, bit of information, etc.

But is it really necessary to limit employees in the future, from engaging in their trade or profession? Is it necessary to take choice away from the customers?

If you are a business owner, your likely response is YES. IT IS NECESSARY.

But what if employees were so happy, and so loyal, they never wanted to leave?

Is it ethical, fair and or keeping in the spirit of a market economy, to fire someone and then say they are not allowed to work as they please?

What would the world, or Virginia rather, look like, if restrictive covenants were not permitted?

Would companies have to treat their employees better, pay them better and make sure both customers and employees were happy?

Would valued employees, the ones your customers loved, be promoted and paid what they were worth?

I think that people who are treated well, work hard and should get paid well. I don’t think threats of lawsuits make for happy or productive employees.

Sadly, the world I am imagining is not the world we live in and employees are often asked to sign these agreements. Need help with yours? Call us today at 540-985-0098.

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