I told you so…

I told you so…

I told you so… 150 150 Lauren Ellerman

I will admit, saying the following words to someone is rarely fruitful: “I told you so.” But, saying them to yourself or to the folks who read your blog can be a very satisfying enterprise.

I tell opposing counsel in non-compete cases probably every year, that yes my client breached his contract, but no I don’t think it caused any damages and or the contract was unreasonable any way so suing my client is likely just a waste of your client’s time. Sometimes they listen to me and disagree, and sometimes they listen and agree. But I never say I told you so. 

When the later scenario occurs the case usually goes away saving everyone time and money and emotional stress.

Today I read about an Illinois case where folks were fired, started a competing company, breached their contracts and the court found (a) their contracts were unreasonable and (b) no damage was done.


Sure, breaching a contract is a big deal. Until it isn’t. Until the breach causes no harm, no loss, no financial decline. Until proving breach is allot like saying “I told you so.” 

It feels good, but it never ends up well in the end. 

So employers, so what if your ex-clients breached their contracts. Did the breach matter? Did it cause you actual harm or you just trying to prove a point. 

Think about it. 


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In 2011, Lauren Ellerman was named "Young Lawyer of the Year" by the Roanoke Bar Association for her work in the community. To speak with Lauren about your personal injury case, contact her at lellerman@frithlawfirm.com.

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