Legal obligations of employees, not spelled out in their employment contracts

Legal obligations of employees, not spelled out in their employment contracts 150 150 Lauren Ellerman

Is anyone surprised that VW is getting heat from owners for their fraudulent sensors? No.

As a VW Diesel owner, I can tell you I didn’t sign an agreement with VW that states “VW promises the sensors found in the vehicle are correct and have not been altered,” but yet, there are state and federal laws that prohibit companies from purposefully misrepresenting the quality of a consumer product. So while the duty is not found in the bill of sale or contract between VW and myself, we each have duties under the law that control how we treat each other. 

Same is true with employees and employers. You do not have to violate a written contract to be in danger of violating the law, or, subjecting yourself to civil liability. 

Want to learn more about the duties Virginia employees owe their employers that are not spelled out in an employment contract? Take three minutes to read about those duties on our homepage: Enjoy – it’s a short but hopefully educational read. 

Want to know more? Call or email me and I will send you our free book on Virginia employment contracts, and your Non-Compete. 

And just in case you wonder, I love my VW. I don’t ever want to give it back, but I understand and appreciate a system of laws that does not permit purposeful misrepresentations. 


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