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Healthcare Fraud: A Call for Whistleblowers

Healthcare Fraud: A Call for Whistleblowers 1200 800 Dan Frith

I recently read an article in the June/July edition of the AARP Magazine on healthcare fraud. The article was titled, “The $80 Million Healthcare Fraud,” and described the criminal activity of a family of chiropractors who operated the Dolson Avenue Medical Clinic in New York.  It appears the two brothers,…

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Home Health Care and Fraud

Home Health Care and Fraud 1200 800 Dan Frith

Many elderly Americans need medical care at home…they don’t need or want to be in hospital and certainly want to avoid being placed in nursing home.  What these individuals need is trained and attentive home health services…and most of the providers (nurses and nursing aids) are just that…competent and caring…

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Whistleblowers for Opioid Fraud

Whistleblowers for Opioid Fraud 150 150 Bo Frith

One of the most common areas for whistleblowers is the opioid crisis. As chronicled in countless books, podcasts, and TV shows, the opioid industry is rife with fraud. In 2020 and 2021 alone, the Justice Department secured settlements in excess of $3 billion arising from whistleblower and False Claims Act…

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Pulaski Military Fabric Supplier Agrees to $3 Million Fine

Pulaski Military Fabric Supplier Agrees to $3 Million Fine 150 150 Bo Frith

Just this week, HEYtex USA, a military fabric supplier based in Pulaski, Virginia, agreed to pay $3 million to resolve allegations that it violated the False Claims Act. In Wednesday’s announcement of the settlement, United States Attorney Chris Kavanaugh cited the actions of a HEYtex employee who came forward as…

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Whistleblowers for COVID-19 Fraud

Whistleblowers for COVID-19 Fraud 150 150 Bo Frith

We have written extensively about fraud in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). See prior stories here and here. Now, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Virginia is launching a special taskforce for COVID-19 fraud. As detailed in a front-page story on the March 31, 2022 edition of…

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Stealing Money using the Paycheck Protection Program

Stealing Money using the Paycheck Protection Program 150 150 Dan Frith

Remember the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that ended back in May of 2021.  The federal-backed loan that helped businesses keep their workforce employed during the COVID-19 crisis. Qualifying business were eligible for loan forgiveness…and most loans were forgiven. We are now learning that many unscrupulous businesses and business owners took…

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Education Fraud

Education Fraud 150 150 Bo Frith

Fraud in federal and state education programs may be reported by whistleblowers. Under the False Claims Act and other statutes, whistleblowers are entitled to significant financial rewards and are protected from retaliation. The U.S. higher education system is excellent. But like many things, it requires significant financial investment. Each year,…

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Whistleblowers for PPP Fraud

Whistleblowers for PPP Fraud 150 150 Bo Frith

In response to widespread economic uncertainty due to COVID-19, the federal government enacted the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Because that program is especially vulnerable to fraud, whistleblowers are key players in addressing illegal conduct. Just last week, a Roanoke city jury convicted Roanoke City Councilman Robert Jeffrey of fraudulently obtaining…

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What are medically unnecessary procedures?

What are medically unnecessary procedures? 150 150 Bo Frith

Medically unnecessary procedures are health care items and services that are not “reasonable and necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of illness or injury.”[1] The False Claims Act provides a mechanism for individuals to “blow the whistle” on instances of waste, fraud, or abuse for systemic unnecessary procedures in healthcare…

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Why People Become Whistleblowers

Why People Become Whistleblowers 150 150 Bo Frith

There are many reasons why an individual “blows the whistle.” The debate often centers on whether these individuals are frivolous, disgruntled employees seeking financial gain or people with legitimate concerns who suffered personal loss. A wealth of academic research clearly shows it is the latter. The False Claims Act is…

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